Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pause To Reflect

Pause To Reflect

1. Relief comes after hardship. This is a consistent pattern in the life of man, as consistent as the coming of morning after darkness.

2. Hardship is more beneficial to the soul of man than are comfort and ease.

3. The one who brings good and drives away evil is Allah S.W.T. Know that whatever happens to you was decreed for you, and what ever you have missed out was never meant for you.

4. Devote yourself to the gathering of virtues, and work, and turn your back on some one who cools his jealousy by giving you censure. Know that your life’-span is the season of good deeds, in it. They may be accepted, and after death, when all jealousy ceases.

5. I never tested the sweetness of life until I become a companion of home and book. There is nothing more honourable than knowledge.

6. Do not be sad, and do not surrender to sadness by taking the easy path of idleness and in activity, but pray, glorify your lord, read, write, visit relatives and friends and reflect.

Extract from “ Aaidh Ibn Abdullah Al-Qarni-Don’t be Sad” by Raihaniah Zakaria Ismail Salim

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